Hers: I Ran Over A Bridge

This is the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.  Formerly the Triboro.  (Thanks for the unnecessary name change, MTA.  I’m sure that the confused tourists driving around Astoria looking for the Triboro also agree it was an excellent use of our tax dollars.)


Anyway, last night, I ran across it.  How cool is that?

Now, to clarify, I ran the caged-in bike trail alongside the right lane of the bridge, and did not run amongst the frenetic cabs and 18-wheelers.  Despite occasional evidence that points otherwise, I am not an idiot.  The trail picks up on Astoria and let’s you off on Ward”s Island, where the bridge splits and can take you to Manhattan or the Bronx.  If you want to run further than Ward”s Island, I’m sure it’s possible; however, until I have a GPS, I am not looking to get lost near the island’s only notable landmark, the Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital.  So I ran there, then ran home.

A good thing about running over a bridge is that is keeps your mind off of the “running” part.  Instead of concentrating on the cold, the pain in my knees, or the blister forming on my toe, I concentrated on the NYC skyline in the distance.  I also counted yellow cabs and stray beer bottles (apparently bikers are also heavy drinkers?), checked out some interesting graffiti (graffiti artists cannot spell), and planned an escape route, should a car crash through the barrier and knock me off the bridge (still planning).  As my normal mentality during a run is “this-sucks-i-want-to-stop-i-wonder-what-i-should-make-for-dinner-ouch-ouch-ouch,” I consider this change to be a vast improvement.

In addition, it’s also good to know that, should my car break down and I need to get over to Ward’s Island at a not-very-quick pace for some urgent business, I have an alternate means of transportation.  As in, myself.  With all the crazy that flies around our apartment every day, a visit to pysch ward might come in handy sooner than we think.

My run totaled about 4.5 miles.  Thinking back to several months ago, when training for a 5K was enough to induce full-on panic, this is a fine little achievement.  I even signed up for a 10K on Thanksgiving, for which I have entered into an entirely new form on paranoia.  I’ll be running this race with Greg, or rather, Greg and I will be running at the same time, but he will finish 20 minutes before me and meet my sweaty little body at the finish line.  Hopefully, he will be waiting with cranberry sauce and stuffing.


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