His: Today I Just Don’t Care

If you are at all a country music fan like me, you know the song by Brad Paisley called, “I’m still a guy.”  And for today’s post, that’s my theme.  I’m advocating no exercise, excessive drinking and an exorbitant amount of calorie laden food.  Gee, Greg, “That sounds like awful advice for a blog that claims to be about a healthy and balanced lifestyle,” said the Gaffigan like voice.  All I can say is this……Get out your Terrible Towels because PITTSBURGH’S GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! (if you’re from th e Burgh, you should know how that actually sounds).

He's So Good, He Made Heinz Change Their Spelling

He's So Good, He Made Heinz Change Their Spelling

Are you freakin kidding me!?  The NFL season is here and my Steelers are on tonight.  So men; order your wings and make sure they’re fried and covered in delicious buttery wing sauce.  Order a pizza and make it a meat lovers or even better, combine the best of both worlds and order a buffalo chicken pizza.  Finally, buy some beer and nothing light.  This is America’s game and I recommend….anything American (I’m drinking an Abita from Louisiana right now).  If you’re drinking something else, I will go all America over your ass a la Charlie Kelly.

Rock Flag and Eagle!!!!

Rock Flag and Eagle!!!!

After tonight’s binge, I will recover tomorrow.  It’s as simple as that.  And seriously everyone, it’s ok to be bad.  If I didn’t do this type of thing, I’d go crazy.  So call some friends, go to bar or even if you can’t do it tonight…..there’s always Sunday.



“I don’t highlight my hair, I’ve still got a pair. Honey, I’m still a guy.”


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  1. Mo-Diddles

    SLATES!! Amazing reference to the best show on earth!! But really Gregory i know it’s just a song but are you sure you don’t highlight your hair???? Cheers to you and Alli for giving me something to read when i don’t feel like faxing or making copies! Good luck “One Company One Culture!!”

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