Hers: Whatchia Eatin’?

I know, epic fail on the headline.  We’ll leave it at that.

I’ve been reading about chia seeds all over the blog world, so I was really excited when Diana from Greens Plus offered to send me a free sample to try.   From the Greens Plus website:

“Salvia hispanica, also known as Chia (pronounced chee’ah), is the richest and only unprocessed, whole food source of pure Omega3. A member of the mint family, Chia is native to Central America and has been used traditionally for over 3000 years.  Due to its high fiber content (more than 35%) Chia seed has the remarkable ability to absorb ten times its weight in water, making it an excellent source of hydration. Omega3 Chia’s fiber forms a gel that slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, binds it to toxins in the digestive system, and helps eliminate waste.  Omega3 Chia is especially rich in essential fatty acids. One 15gm serving provides more than 3gm of Omega3 (as alpha-linolenic acid) and 1gm of Omega6 (linoleic acid) in a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio, making it the richest, unprocessed and fully-digestible whole food source of Omega3.”

Impressive, no?



I waited patiently/not-so-patiently for my chia to arrive, all the while planning nutritious meals in which to incorporate my magic seeds.  I envisioned myself as a lean, mean, chia-eating machine, a Superfoods Superwoman.  My sample arrived earlier this week, and this morning, I geared up for the total chia transformation.  I made myself a big mess of Greek yogurt for breakfast and opened my packet of seeds, making sure to sprinkle them evenly over my breakfast for maximum chiability.  I gave it a good mix, loaded up my spoon, and…

Chia, Chia, Yogurt Eata

Chia, Chia, Yogurt Eata

…it tastes like there are bugs in my yogurt.

While I may not be a chia convert just yet, I’m willing to give it another (and another) try.  In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about chia seeds:

  • Chia seeds are 100% cholesterol free and and trans-fat free
  • Chia seeds include significant amounts of Quercetin antioxidants to reduce inflammation
  • Chia is one of the highest overall antioxidant-containing foods—even higher than blueberries
  • Chia seeds are gluten-free
  • Chia seeds enhance energy levels and extend endurance
  • Chia aids in nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Chia seeds are a complete, whole, and natural food, not a supplement

With a biography that reads like a nutrition textbook, I’m determined to find a way to incorporate chia into my diet.  Superfoods Superwoman, I am not, but there’s hope.

I was sweet enough to save some chia seeds for Greg, so I’ll be sneaking them into his dinner sometime soon.

How do YOU chia?


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